Out of Time – the feature

Chris Allman is the subject of a medical trial with the mysterious company SOSUMI, who volunteers to have a chip placed into his head.

When his girlfriend Sara is killed in front of him, Chris accidentally travels backward in time and realizes he may have the key to saving Sara’s life.

Working against him is Dr. Osborn and his cronies who always seems to be one step ahead of Chris and will stop at nothing from stopping Chris’ quest to save Sara.


The High Cost of Dying

Based on the character “Beatrice” from the novel, SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE: Beatrice emerges back into the world after an absence of ten years and stumbles through strange interactions in a world that is alien to her. On a mission to preserve what is left of her sanity, she attempts to visit old friends who are now all gone, but that brings her to the attention of two dangerous men… who may want to kill her. The answer to her insanity may be her only last resort.


The Other Room – a webseries concept

Tim (the lost soul), Robin (the true believer) and Logan (the thief) combine forces to search for a key to open the mysterious portal in Tim’s uncle’s apartment. They discover that the keys must be used with a mysterious artifact they discover in one of the worlds… an artifact that leads to the dangerous world of faerie where their lives will be in danger.