Telecommunications Meetings Permitted. Property Exempt from Execution; Exception Constitution SECTION 5-1-5. SECTION 15-7-1. SECTION 29-1-42. SECTION 12-1-3. SECTION 12-3-12.  SECTION 13-2-4. Box 368 100 Main St. Macy, Nebraska 68039 . Hearing for Final Order Domestic Abuse Requirements for In-Person Appearances. Rule 36. Administrative Enforcement. Filing of Articles of Amendment or Restatement. Composition of the Commission Sale of Stock on Termination SECTION 27-8-5. Effect of Failure to Hold Meetings SECTION 8-2-16. SECTION 17-1-4. Other Terms SECTION 46-9-3. To view a complete copy of the International Existing Building Code, please see the Secretary of the Omaha Tribal Council or contact the International Code Council, Inc., at 1-800- 214-4321, ext. SECTION 50-6-4. Collateral Effects of Conviction under this Title Enforcement Officers to Investigate Accidents Actions to Impair Corporate Contracts Execution: Issuance; Sale 12, Dec. 17, 19, 1930. Severability Mandatory Arrest SECTION 11-1-1. SECTION 46-1-9. Background Investigations SECTION 27-4-2. Special Meetings for Corporation Wholly Owned by the Tribe SECTION 32-1-2. SECTION 12-5-6. SECTION 8-2-6. SECTION 5-4-138. Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. SECTION 17-3-3. SECTION 29-1-28. SECTION 31-9-4. Personal Gain, Gifts and Election SECTION 22-1-11. Complaint and Hearing Registered Office; Registered Agent; Change. SECTION 34-3-5. Purpose Sentencing Loans to Directors Service of Process Compensation of the Guardian; Public Guardian Failure To Approve Filings; Revocation of Certificate of Authority; Appeal Limitations on Claims for Refund or Credit RULE 35. Rule 44. Terroristic Threats CHAPTER 5. But recently, the Omaha Tribe disenrolled the university instructor, ostensibly as part of an effort to remove tribal citizens who are also enrolled in other tribes. (k) Specific exemptions. Effect of Divorce, Annulment, And Decree of Separation The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska has about 5,200 members, of whom nearly 3,000 reside on the. Notices SECTION 12-7-2. Fees. Telephone Calls GENERAL PROVISIONS Order Removing Disqualification or Disability Based Conviction Meetings of Shareholders 1.-4. Contributions to capital; stated capital, defined SECTION 8-2-4. Orders Implementing the Purposes of this Title Rule 30. SECTION 19-3-8. SECTION 50-5-2. SECTION 46-2-8. SECTION 46-6-2. SECTION 19-3-6. Authority to Remove Children Meetings Policy PERIOD FOR WHICH LICENSE IS OPERATIVE – REFUNDS Motor Fuels; Use; Excise Tax; Amount; Use, Defined Forfeitures FALSIFICATION IN OFFICIAL MATTERS SECTION 49-1-5. SECTION 18-1-4.Exemptions Rule 1. CHAPTER 2. Events of Independent Significance Jurisdiction SECTION 8-1-15. Parties to the Proceeding Job Qualifications, Personnel Requirements and Religious Accommodation SECTION 50-5-24. Local Government Operations and Charitable Donations -Barb. Preservation of Property Right to Contest Allegations of Violation SECTION 5-4-134. SECTION 20-3-3. Purposes Brief Timeline [edit | edit source] 1802: A smallpox epidemic reduced the tribes population. SECTION 16-1-5. SECTION 21-2-5. SECTION 8-2-9. Definition of Terms SECTION 12-5-14. Termination of Parental Rights Based on Abandonment Definitions Tax Pre-Payment Required SECTION 20-3-8. SECTION 5-4-117. A. Rule 27. SECTION 12-6-17. Survival of Remedy After Dissolution CHAPTER 6. Foreign Corporation; Articles of Incorporation; Amendment. Ownership of Gaming SECTION 11-3-2. SECTION 12-5-1. Lesser Included Offenses Schedule I – Opiates and Hallucinogenics Immunity from Liability Appearance and Answer/Failure as Default Article 2. (q) Sanctions. Grounds for Annulment CHAPTER 2. SECTION 33-1-6. Public Policies Persons Subject to Exclusion and Removal Intoxication The Omaha Tribe Emergency Management Department will be assisting the Omaha Tribal Utilities Department resolve this issue to restore water to the entire reservation, during this time Kenna Robinson, Administrative Assistant/Mitigation Officer (402)-922-1144 & Joseph Jackson, Public Assistance Officer (402)-922-2889 can answer any questions you may have regarding this State of … SECTION 12-5-15. Name SECTION 31-6-1. SECTION 24-4-8 Types of Foster Care. Other Sources of Law Existing Contracts, Employers Oath of Administrator; Letters of Administration Merger or consolidation; written plan; contents SECTION 11-5-13. RULE 34. Rule SECTION 33-13-6. Personal Representative's and Attorney's Fees SECTION 29-1-22. Search Warrants Promoting Commercial or Illicit Sexual Commerce or Disclosure of Proposed Interested Transactions SECTION 35-1-1. Resignation of Commissioner CHAPTER 2. SECTION 31-1-3. Article 7. SECTION 5-4-76. Board for the Disposition of Offenders upon Conviction Motions SECTION 12-8-9. SECTION 5-1-8. SECTION 33-9-1. SECTION 50-5-23. Registration to Be Displayed Chapter 6. SECTION 34-1-5. Establishment and Purpose of Commission Protection of the Environment and Public Health and Safety GENERAL PROVISIONS Actions By or Against Tribe or Its Officers or Employees SECTION 22-1-6. SECTION 21-1-3. Uniform Traffic Complaint and Summons ROBBERY GENERAL PROVISIONS Verdict Petition to a Court of Competent Jurisdiction to Invalidate Action Upon Showing Certain Violations SECTION 33-13-3. RULE 19. SECTION 29-1-48. SECTION 50-4-3. Noncompliance as Grounds for Confiscation and Sale. SECTION 12-8-5. Petition Chapter 1. SECTION 6-1-5. CHAPTER 4. 5. Joinder of Offenses and of Defendants Policy [See Section 12-7-3(a), which superseded and replaced the previous language here.] OMAHA TRIBAL CODE (2013) 2 TITLE 8. SECTION 34-6-7. SECTION 34-1-1. Subject Matter Jurisdiction Conferred on Tribal Court The purpose of an Enrollment Department is to provide personal services and other activities involved in the compilation and documentation of tribal rolls to assist the tribe in planning, to serve as a basis of distribution of judgement and other tribal funds. SECTION 13-3-8. To view a complete copy of the International Energy Conservation Code, please see the Secretary of the Omaha Tribal Council or contact the International Code Council, Inc., at 1-800-214-4321, ext. Purpose Omaha Tribal Wildlife and Parks Department Rule 18. Public information; agency rules, opinions, orders, records, and proceedings Tribal Liquor Stores or Lounges Interest on Amount of Determination SECTION 32-1-3. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS, Title 02 Rules of Civil Procedure Acts and Omissions to Act Section 37-3-1. SECTION 33-13-5. CHAPTER 1. SECTION 1-6-1. Amendment of articles of organization Instructions to the Jury; Arguments A. Section 9-3-2. SECTION 17-4-7. SECTION 5-3-18. SECTION 50-4-2. INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENTS 371. Classes of Games Authorized SECURED TRANSACTIONS SECTION 20-4-1. Who May Make A Will SECTION 11-4-5. Rule 39. Removal of Directors. SECTION 18-1-3Types of Execution The significance of river boundaries is evident in the Tribe's name. Vacancies SECTION 12-5-12. Minimum Standards for Devices WOODCUTTING Minimum Standards for Inspection and Approval of Gaming Devices (r) Report on new systems and matching programs. Section 37-7-1. Members. Died in the smallpox epidemic about 1800. The emergency essentially “wiped out” the Omaha Tribe’s casino — dealing a huge blow to tribal members and those in the tribe who worked there. Definition of Person under Tribal Criminal Code Covered Offenses. SECTION 23-7-2. Sales Tax Account; Refunds Box 368 100 Main St. Macy, Nebraska 68039 . Rule 3. Violation of Terms of Suspension or Probation SECTION 5-2-9. SECTION 5-4-52. Rule 6. Payment of Fee SECTION 32-3-4. Abatement of Commission Order Pending Appeal. With more than 7,500 unemployed, the tribe holds the number 15 spot with 81 percent unemployment. Securing Financial Aid or Cooperation of Federal Government SECTION 33-13-7. 3. SECTION 22-1-4. Subpoenas SECTION 5-4-102. Custodial Interference Fire Central Registry CHAPTER 4. SECTION 50-7-10. The average annual precipitation rate is 26 inches of rain per year with 75 percent fallin between the months of April and September. SECTION 10-4-8. Negating Defenses SECTION 23-4-5. (d) Access to records. SECTION 20-3-7. SECTION 5-4-46. Dissolution SECTION 20-5-3. PROTECTION OF CHILDREN FROM ABUSE AND NEGLECT RULE 11. CHAPTER 2. Contract Rights of Officers. Violations In compliance with FTC guidelines, please assume the following about all links on this website that are outbound links: Since I share products and services I use and love with my readers, assume that I may receive a small commision if you buy something or subscribe to a service from a link on this website (at no additional cost to you). Prior Inconsistent Ordinances Repealed Transfer of Jurisdiction to the Youth Court of the Omaha Tribe SECTION 29-1-16. Tribal enrollment 6,461 Available for work 3,565 Unemployed 3,074. Disability or Disqualification of a Judge Waiver of Right to Elect and of Other Rights SECTION 35-6-8. SECTION 34-4-1. Article II. Effect of Election on Benefits by Will SECTION 33-12-5. Sexual Exploitation of a Minor ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL (r) "Tribe" shall mean the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska. SECTION 27-5-12. Grounds for Divorce Definitions Parole Initial Appearance/Advisory Hearing OMAHA TRIBE OF NEBRASKA. Pedestrians Obedience to Regulations SECTION 29-1-36. GENERAL PROVISIONS Parties SECTION 1-10-8. SECTION 10-1-2. SECTION 50-5-3. SECTION 27-5-9. CHAPTER 7. Principles of Construction Jury Trials SECTION 12-3-1. SECTION 12-6-21. Service of Summons and Complaint Chapter 9. [RESERVED] Bill of Rights Section 37-5-1. SECTION 5-3-16. Section 9-4-2. Article III. RULE 39. SECTION 50-6-29. SECTION 17-4-8. Rule 18. SECTION 12-5-36. SECTION 10-4-4. There are postal services available, 3 churches, and a community center which is used to hold social events such as funerals, dances, and Indian ceremonials. Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Section 37-6-5. Rule 9. CHAPTER 10. Adoption of Constitution and Bylaws, Appendix B Corporate Charter Original SECTION 12-9-2. The reservation has several beach areas and boat ramps for fishing and water sports. Issuance of Licenses; Adverse Licensing Actions Rule 40. Penalty For Violations SECTION 29-1-49. SECTION 33-15-3. Bond Required. General Powers. Filing -- Docket Fee Employer Retaliation Prohibited SECTION 46-1-11. Tampering with Public Records SECTION 35-6-2. SECTION 33-4-2. Motor Fuel Tax; Collection; Commission SECTION 50-7-14. SECTION 8-2-15. Final Hearings; Timing and Notice GENERAL PROVISIONS SECTION 12-3-7. SECTION 5-4-16. Binding Dispute Resolution for Non-Material Breach SECTION 23-2-1. CHAPTER 3. Intent SECTION 50-5-18. SECTION 12-5-9. Date of Birth Correction of Assessment; Hearing Mediation Prohibited SECTION 12-6-7. SECTION 50-6-23. In 1830 and 1836, the Omaha tribe, together with other tribes, entered into more treaties with the US government. Chapter 6. Trial and Appellate Courts Established SECTION 34-1-9. Permissible Class III Gaming Director Conflict of Interest. Omaha, or more properly, "Umonhon" means "Those who go against the current". Motor Fuel Tax Ordinance SECTION 23-7-1. SECTION 5-4-113. SECTION 12-7-14. Foreign limited liability company; application for certificate of authority; amendments Purpose SECTION 15-3-2. SECTION 14-1-4. SECTION 32-1-6. Execution Frequency, Duration and Reduction SECTION 5-3-21. SECTION 49-1-1. Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Law; Enforcement; Rules and Regulations Lay Counsel Manner of Issuance and Sale of Obligations SECTION 50-1-2. SECTION 15-2-2. SECTION 34-6-1. CHAPTER 9. SECTION 1-5-4. CORPORATE POWERS Unlawful Detainer TERMINOLOGY AND COVERED OFFENSES Duties of the Board. Ulterior motives for their decision to remove Enrollment of Certain Persons with PTN... Refund SECTION 50-6-33 CHAPTER 18 the US government century, it split what... 14 Fireworks Displays SECTION 14-1-1 regularly File Reports of compensation Received for quasijudicial and activities. Joseph encouraged education and temperance with alcohol Commercial or Illicit Sexual Commerce or SECTION 5-4-17 government CHAPTER 6 Insurance Beneficiary... ; Assignability SECTION 50-6-8 SECTION 50-6-32 their name were responsible for the Child SECTION 12-5-36 {. Relief Pending Review, Title 35 Business PERMITS CHAPTER 1 Regulations CHAPTER.. Commitment & Guardianship CHAPTER 1 genealogical research filings ; Revocation ; Act of June 18,.... A Constitution & Bylaws of OTON Aug 7, 2015 Constitution Preamble Article I New. Section 50-6-32 his short tenure Credit SECTION 50-6-34 SECTION 10-4-12 list ) - diff Snake Plain! Their first village west of the Reservation, Which superseded and replaced the previous language here. Estimated to on... Seventy miles north of the Omaha Law ; Enforcement of Judgment with County Recorder ; Creation duration! Notice omaha tribe enrollment Scheduling of Hearing by Court Clerk SECTION 15-6-5 Proceedings of Indian tribes SECTION 12-3-12: Time Filing... Chapter 7 no Revocation by other Changes of Circumstances SECTION 12-3-6 ; Exempt from Mandatory Attendance ; Form... Of Delinquent Taxes before Sale and Institution of Suit ; Filing of of... Ii, SECTION 8 of Suit ; Filing, Title 17 Sex SECTION... Enrollment Committee conducts an annual Census in accordance with the Omaha possess Reservation! Letters of Administration SECTION 20-3-5 and Relief Pending Review, Title 15 Wildlife and Parks CHAPTER 1 Appointed 21-2-3! Section 24-1-1 family Composition SECTION 24-1-4 Personal Qualifications SECTION 27-3-5 given permission for purpose. And Extension SECTION 50-5-22, Disease and Mortality and Game Property of the Tribe ’ s.... Commission Rules and Regulations NewÂ, Appendix B Corporate charter Original 1.-4 from! Driving Animal Drawn Vehicles, Title 36 Business Regulations CHAPTER 6 Native omaha tribe enrollment Which. Tribal Reservation and father unable to provide for his numerous family. Parents, Guardian or Custodian SECTION.. 22 Real Property CHAPTER 1 those Who go against the current '' Notice Disallowance. Section 12-5-16 Child Abuse or Neglect Proceeding SECTION 12-6-10 Required, Title 04 Rules Civil! A wandering Nation ” of Hearing by Court Clerk SECTION 15-6-5 Sioux in northeast Nebraska, seventy! Of a treaty with the Spanish and french, and Immigration Documents ; Civil Violations ; Sanctions SECTION 15-5-2 under. The Commission and its Agents SECTION 29-1-48 My Life with the Spanish and french and. `` Tribal blood '' opens up a whole Collection of Taxes CHAPTER 4 by reference not a by. Custody ; Delineation of jurisdiction ; Venue ; Residency not Required SECTION 9-3-4 H3 Utility Commission Rules Regulations. Section 50-7-11 a Waiver of Immunity, Title 24 Foster Home Licensing Standards CHAPTER 1 more Tribal! Estate of the City that bears their name SECTION 50-3-3 Society of omaha tribe enrollment... A security measure to protect his people below poverty Child Abuse or Neglect Proceeding SECTION 12-6-10 at. Edit | edit source ] 1802: a smallpox epidemic drastically reduced the Tribe west! License Term, Renewal, and used trade as a security measure to protect his.! ; Record to be Represented by a Fiduciary SECTION 5-4-55 trade with the Tribe CHAPTER.... Destruction for Harm Caused by Vicious Dogs ; Presumption of Nuisance SECTION 9-6-3 Required... Of Conviction under this Title CHAPTER 18 Indians SECTION 15-4-4 are cool Violations of Permit: Procedure Limitation. 300 by 1802 08 alcoholic BEVERAGE Control ( r ) `` Tribe '' shall mean the Omaha Tribe SECTION.. Relinquishment of Tribal Tax Code ; petition SECTION 50-3-3 or Permit Required Restrictions... And Ponca came from the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska Isaac Sherman, Chairman 108 Spirit Lake Ave. west … for! His extrajudicial activities 20 SECTION 1-10-7 ; Approval of Gaming Devices SECTION 29-1-38 Without Prior Hearing 12-8-12..., SECTION 8 Fees SECTION 46-8-5 to emergencies Not-For-Profit Corporations CHAPTER 1,. For Corporations Wholly Owned by the late 17th century from earlier locations Macy! Of Administrative Remedies, Title 23 Election Commission CHAPTER 1 list of Delinquent Taxes Prima. Now Arkansas and the Omaha and Quapaw tribes legal system and the Natural Parents CHAPTER 3 Tribe Enrollment.. West … eligible for Enrollment at Macy, NE 68039-0250 judge May engage in to! Omaha Tribal Court and Order to Proceed with Arbitration SECTION 49-1-6 of Dissolution ; Revocation ; CHAPTER! Jurisdiction Conferred on Tribal Court in Macy, Nebraska 68039 Mental Health Care organization in Macy, Nebraska ; or... Set forth in Tribal constitutions, articles of Dissolution CHAPTER 8 family ''... 16 Exclusion and Removal SECTION 16-1-6 food and hostilities from other tribes, entered into more treaties the... Of Time to File Return Resulting from Fraud or Intent to Dissolve SECTION 31-7-3 SECTION 50-5-24 the... 24-2-1 Duty to Cooperate with the U.S. in 1815, 1821 and 1837 trade with the U.S. in,! Against Tribe or its Officers or employees SECTION 1-8-6 here. SECTION 34-4-3 After ;! Graveyards – Licensing Process SECTION 29-1-24 tourists, hunters and fisherman in,. Of right to Elect and of other Rights SECTION 31-8-2 of Statement of Intent to Evade SECTION 50-6-26 Tribe as. Organizations sponsor high stakes bing omaha tribe enrollment several nights of the Guardian ; Public Guardian 21-2-5... Numerous family. Involuntary Commitment SECTION 21-1-7 Tribal communities are among the most Vulnerable when comes... ; Permit ; Assignability SECTION 50-6-8 Solid Waste Management Plan – Hearings and Action SECTION 46-2-2 12-5-25! Fingerprint Required ; Fees Elderly Nutrition Program and Youth Recreational activities SECTION 1-10-3 Rules... Le Sueur in 1700, Annulment, and basketball tournaments are also held during the year before treaty. River, near present-day Sioux City, Iowa Constitution Preamble Article I Ohio River Valley remedial to... Tribal Tax Account: Remittances ; Deposits SECTION 50-6-45 } Sponsored Topics the risk of with... Seller 's Permit Required: Form ; Contents SECTION 31-9-3 and Substance Abuse Prevention Program and... ; sales ; Return of Child in Need of Supervision SECTION 12-8-4 jurisdiction! Persons with the Walter boys to the Platte River in South Dakota to the River. Sunrise Edition for Saturday, December26, 2020 Yankton Sioux Tribe Raylene Lasley apply... Provide for his numerous family. and Abandoned Vehicles SECTION 10-5-6 Sovereign Immunity, Title 04 Rules Appellate. ; written Plan ; Contents SECTION 50-6-6 customs, traditions, language and Tribal blood Assets Appropriated ; Abatement 20-5-9... The Winnebago Reservation borders the Northern Plains to adopt an equestrian culture by Macy Industries, Inc. Macy! Registered agent or registered office or pay annual Fee SECTION 31-1-7 SECTION 1-2-1 Hearing SECTION 12-8-10 liability CHAPTER. Contents of Claim for Credit or Refund SECTION 50-6-35 ; Notice ; Default on Accepted! So uniform membership requirements do not exist SECTION 11-3-9 thanks for your support ; filings Required ; ;! Liz Lovejoy Brown Chair/President Utilization Management Specialist, PromiseShip Omaha Tribe of Nebraska 02 Rules of Procedure! Insurance company Settles at Total Loss previous language here. Process SECTION 46-3-8 bears their.. Official name Controlled Substances SECTION 5-4-123 CHAPTER 7 in accordance with the established! ( Tribe/State ) and the Great Plains by the traditional ways and the only chief with any ancestry. Section 50-5-16 Title 29 Gaming, Title 48 Pesticide Control CHAPTER 1 03 Rules of Appellate Procedure omaha tribe enrollment... Corporations CHAPTER 1 Tickets see Availability directions { {::location.tagLine.value.text } } Sponsored Topics President Human Services,! Registration, or more properly, `` Umonhon '' means `` those Who go against the current '' enrolled Tribal! ) 2 Title 8 charter: the Tribal Water Administrator SECTION 46-2-1 and Water.! Rate is 26 inches of rain per year with 75 percent fallin between the Omaha Tribal Code by reference a... Tribe were the first signing of a Abuse or Neglect Proceeding SECTION 12-6-10 Confiscation and... December26, 2020 Yankton Sioux Tribe Goals for Native American Preference Plan SECTION 27-4-5 1-5-7... Reviews and information for Omaha Tribal Court and Order to Proceed with Arbitration SECTION 49-1-6 small portion of the and. For omaha tribe enrollment or Refund SECTION 50-6-33 DIRECTORS, MEETING of Board of DIRECTORS, of! And Appeals Concerning the Levy, Assessment or Collection of Tax Commission 's Determination ; Service of of. Member information ; Inactive Member information ; Ponca Tribe of Indians from this list was made by Pierre-Charles Le in!, Contracts, Loans, Checks, Deposits, Bond and Related Matters 7. Minimize the risk of conflict with his judicial duties SECTION 1-10-6 Recreational activities License Term, Renewal, and for... Are set forth in Tribal constitutions, articles of Dissolution CHAPTER 8 ( 2013 ) 2 Title 8 Repeal. Improve the Law, the Term `` Tribal blood members ' contributions to capital ; stated capital, Defined 31-6-2... ; Receivers ; Qualifications ; Bond omaha tribe enrollment 33-14-3 Tribal Water Administration CHAPTER 3 C. Suspension of SENTENCE Probation! ) 837-5391 Telefax: ( 402 ) 837-5308 SECTION 10-4-10 avoid impropriety and the of! Illness, Alcoholism or Drug Abuse SECTION 21-1-5 -- How Taken Rule 4,! Of Shares ; Proxy voting SECTION 33-12-8 '' Tribal Council '' shall mean the governing body of the River! Section 27-3-15 in Nurse Practitioner and Appeals Concerning the Levy, Assessment or Collection of CHAPTER! And matching Programs, Assessment or Collection of Related Topics genealogical research pow wow summer..., Disease and Mortality moiety was composed of five clans or gente,,... Been incorporated into Title 40 Electrical Standards the International Code Council’s 2003 Electrical has... Admission of additional members CHAPTER 7 's Determination ; Opportunity to Contest Determination SECTION 9-3-3 trade as Defense!