Will you love me forever?||35|1-12273-35.jpg||9|1-12273-9.jpg||10|1-12273-10.jpg||, ||1|Calli||4|Can you handle the fluff?||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Cat||2|01/11/2021||6|Domestic Longhair||22|07/05/2020||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Owner Surrender||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Independent||39|Quiet||39|Sensitive||26|No Kids||31|Neighborly||28|Unknown||30|Likes Cats||124|Window Watcher||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Cat Tree||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hi, my name is Calli! I would love a nice sun bathing spot or window spot so I can relax and watch the world go by! I came in with my brother, Scar, and we do seem pretty bonded to each other! Juliet came into our care with ears that were horribly disfigured after severe, ongoing (and untreated) infections. I would love someone’s lap to curl up in and cuddle. We strive to match the most suitable pets with potential adopters to secure them a "fur-ever" home. Will you be my forever family?||35|1-12281-35.jpg||9|1-12281-9.jpg||10|1-12281-10.jpg||, ||1|Elizabeth||4|Looking for a forever friend||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Cat||2|01/12/2021||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|02/15/2018||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Stray ||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Curious||39|Laid Back||26|All Kids||31|Reserved||28|Unknown||30|Selective||124|Spontaneous||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Cat Scratchers||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hello, I am Elizabeth! Will you be my forever family?||35|1-12180-35.jpg||9|1-12180-9.jpg||10|1-12180-10.jpg||, ||1|Eve||4|A beautiful bearded lady||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Cat||2|01/14/2021||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|01/05/2020||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Stray ||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Cuddly||39|Laid Back||26|All Kids||31|Loves Everyone||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Window Watcher||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Window Perch||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|I am a very cuddly and mellow girl. I came to the shelter because my previous owner was moving and couldn’t take me with them. About Us. Serving the Sioux Falls community and surrounding area for over 100 years on a mission to rescue animals and find them forever homes through adoption. I like pets on my own terms and would rather watch the birds flying by than play with toys. I'm looking for a home that is quieter with less activity. I have been pretty quiet here at the shelter, but this may change when I am comfortable at home. Would you be my forever family?||35|1-12113-35.jpg||9|1-12113-9.jpg||, ||1|Mia||4|Can I be your princess?||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Cat||2|12/28/2020||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|06/17/2020||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Owner Surrender||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Laid Back||39|Social||26|All Kids||31|Neighborly||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Window Watcher||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Prefers Attention||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hi, my name is Mia! I like to sit next to people and get head rubs. The community vaccine, microchip and spay/neuter services at our San Diego and El Cajon campuses have been temporarily suspended. The Humane Society of the Black Hills. I can to the shelter as a stray so staff is still getting to know me. Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; the just have the heart! Due to this, I should do well with children ages 5 and up. I am a rather independent girl who likes to do my own thing. I'm ready to be your favorite guy ever! I’m very adventurous and I would love things to climb on like cat trees or something! I love scratching on my scratch board scratchers. I love to have a warm lap to sit on and receive some cuddles. My brother is very attached to me and I help him feel braver with new people. Welcome to the Humane Society of the Black Hills (HSBH) – the Western South Dakota resource for animal adoptions, animal surrender and reclaim, animal licensing and community animal management. We are a non-profit organization and are funded … Since I am so timid it's best that I go to a home with older kids ages 7 and up. I am not too fond of being picked up or carried, but I do like scratches sometimes! Every year, thousands of pets get lost. So, uh, you play the beautiful game... bros... brothers... brethren? I would do best in a quieter home with kids 11+. Will you be our forever family?||35|1-12238-35.jpg||9|1-12238-9.jpg||10|1-12238-10.jpg||, ||1|Ash||4|I'm looking for my forever family!||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adoption Pending||8|Cat||2|1/11/2021||6|Domestic Medium Hair||22|08/07/2020||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Stray ||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Independent||39|Quiet||39|Shy||26|All Kids||31|Reserved||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Window Watcher||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Cat Trees||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hi, my name is Ash! 5500 Gaines St. (Adoptions) 5480 Gaines St. (Admissions) San Diego, CA 92110. Will you be my forever family?||35|1-12285-35.jpg||9|1-12285-9.jpg||, ||1|Piper||4|Nothing compares to me||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Cat||2|01/18/2021||6|Domestic Longhair||22|06/10/2018||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Owner Surrender||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Independent||39|Laid Back||39|Resistant to Change||39|Talkative||26|No Kids||31|Neighborly||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||124|Window Watcher||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Cat Trees||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hi, my name is Piper! Thank you for your understanding and support! San Diego Humane Society is a private, non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity supported almost entirely by donations, and has received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent evaluator of charities. I am an affectionate cat that is always looking for a good cuddle session. I really enjoy napping on heated blankets. I like exploring behind desks and places I probably shouldn’t be! I should do well with supervised children of all ages as long as those children understand not to scare me. When you find an animal you would like to adopt, call to schedule an appointment - it's that easy! I have long and fine hair so I can get mats in my hair if I don’t get brushed regularly. I need a home that understands my quirks and is willing to work with them. I am a very affectionate and friendly girl who loves scratches! Click for more info! San Diego Humane Society has a handful of major events throughout the year and lots of smaller events each month. I am a very laid-back cat, that seems to enjoy pets more than playing with toys, though that may change once I get into a home. Will you be my forever family?||35|1-11953-35.jpg||9|1-11953-9.jpg||10|1-11953-10.jpg||, ||1|Celeste||4|Will you love me?||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Cat||2|12/13/2020||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|12/12/2018||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Stray ||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Gentle||39|Reserved||39|Shy||26|11+||31|Reserved||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Window Watcher||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Cat trees||34|Pick Your Price ($5 Minimum)||5|Hi, my name is Celeste! I haven’t been too talkative here at the shelter, but this may change when I warm up at home. I am a rather laidback cat that would prefer a quiet home and a place to nap. Read More . Will you be this naughty boys’ forever family?||35|1-12011-35.jpg||9|1-12011-9.jpg||, ||1|Karma||4|Hide N' Seek World Champion ||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Cat||2|12/22/2020||6|Domestic Longhair||22|12/18/2018||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Stray ||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Insecure||39|Sensitive||26|9+||31|Reserved||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Window Watcher||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Prefers Attention||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hi, my name is Karma! I really enjoy treats but I do need to be limited because I will eat the entire container if I’m unsupervised. I am a laid back girl who loves attention! I am a typical cat, I like to laze about and survey my surroundings. I would really like to go to a quiet home with a nice window to watch the world from. I am a pretty shy and timid girl but I do love pets and cuddles a lot! I do not know how I feel about dogs though. Will you be my forever family?||35|1-12010-35.jpg||9|1-12010-9.jpg||10|1-12010-10.jpg||, ||1|Simba||4|I just can't wait to be adopted||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Cat||2|12/17/2020||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|03/15/2020||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||327|Owner Surrender||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Independent||39|Rambunctious||39|Talkative||26|11+||31|Extrovert||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Party Animal||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Scratching Posts||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hi, I’m Simba! I have been around cats in the past, and I can be selective about who I like. I would prefer to come to you for attention instead of you come to me though. San Diego Humane Society has a handful of major events throughout the year and lots of smaller events each month. Staff think once I am comfortable I could make a nice napping buddy. I came to the shelter as a stray and have been pretty nervous, but I should warm up pretty quickly at home! I don’t care to be picked up, but will come to you for all the attention. I would really like a home with a lot of places and beds I can hide in! Each year, more than 2,500 animals are adopted from the Humane Society into loving, caring homes. Your donation is tax-deductible as permissible by law. My ideal home would be a place where I can play and explore! Click here to view all available animals. I do need to be watched with doors, as I tend to rush out of them to go with you. I love to have conversations with my people, but only if I’m doing the talking! I can just imagine my palace of scratchers now! info@sdhumane.org (619) 299-7012. view our pets. Serving since 1919, the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society is an open-admission facility that takes in abandoned, abused, homeless and unwanted animals that need tender loving care until they can find a permanent home. I am a laid back girl who loves to lounge around! My foster family said that I will sometimes chase toys, but I prefer pets though! I stayed with another cat for a while and did well. I am very attached to my brother and he helps me feel braver. I do play with my mouth and claws, so I do need to be taught that that isn’t very nice. I am not a fan of being held. I would love a quieter home where I can hide and come out as I please. Please make sure that you are able to keep my front nails well-trimmed as I have a couple extra toes! Tuesday-Sunday. I should do well with supervised children of all ages. I have been pretty quiet here at the shelter, but this may change when I am comfortable at home. Behavior and Training Lecture: Can You Speak Dog or Cat? As I become more comfortable with you I may become more playful. I should do well with supervised children of all ages. San Diego Humane Society has a variety of adoptable pets available including cats, dogs and small animals like rats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, reptiles and more. I do get a bit grabby or swatty when I have had enough interaction. I don't always need attention and can take care of myself! I am quite the independent guy with some shy guy quirks which is why I’d love to go home with a patient and understanding cat lover. All in all, I just want to be loved! I recently had a major abdominal surgery, so please plan on talking to vet staff if you want to adopt me. Veterinarians repaired bobcat’s fractured jaw. I am not super confident, so I like to hide a lot but when I am comfortable with someone; I am the most affectionate cat! I am an affectionate guy but I can be a bit independent. I will give you all the head-boops I possibly can, and I am a professional biscuit maker! Will you give me a chance?||35|1-11946-35.jpg||9|1-11946-9.jpg||10|1-11946-10.jpg||, ||1|Nyx||4|Let's go home||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adoption Pending||8|Cat||2|01/19/2021||6|Domestic Longhair||22|09/11/2020||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Stray ||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Mischievous||39|Playful||39|Rambunctious||26|7+||31|Loves Everyone||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Party Animal||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Cat Nip||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hi, my name is Nyx! I am quite a shy and timid girl. Will you commit to me?||35|1-12069-35.jpg||9|1-12069-9.jpg||, ||1|Penne||4|Are you talkin' to me?||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Cat||2|12/28/2020||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|12/25/2018||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Owner Surrender||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Laid Back||39|Quiet||26|All Kids||31|Neighborly||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Window Watcher||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Cat Trees||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hi, I’m Penne!

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