Pass Da Panties (You Got It Tonight): I’m not hearing any Pop influences in the direction or style of your song. Do You Really Want to Hire a Music PR Company. So, I do. Not even potential. If I were producing house, for example, I think I’d be better off with a community like Indaba or Splice, where I can learn the tricks of the trade. About your account, perhaps they only keep the ones that were forwarded, and only for a certain length of time? Like you said, Taxi doesn’t work for everybody, but if you’re willing to put in the work and write to the listings, your chances of success go way up. The reason we don’t tell you what the product is for the TV commercial listing (and many others) is that we are not allowed to disclose things like that because the ad agency and their client (the product) don’t want their competitors knowing what their advertising strategy and commercials are going to be before they come out. They can get your songs into the decision-maker’s hands, but they don’t make the decision. Diary Of A Taxi Driver Voice - Robert De Niro 2. Brian, much obliged! I’m quickly approaching 12 years without Taxi! They also, in all their presentations, tout lots of testimonials and success stories and claim that their students have a “very strong chance” for placements. I’m with you completely on your assessment. Anyone else’s BS detector ringing off the wall at some of these comments? Here’s a SoundCloud link to show the quality I’ve submitted to ALL of the above. The service Taxi provides has been well worth my time, effort and investment, I would not hesitate to give them a positive, which most of my posting was meant to be. I think you hit on some good points though and actually agree with what you were saying. If Taxi is now largely focused on TV / film / Ad licensing of instrumental tracks, what are the best ways to submit songs (with singing and lyrics) to country artists and others who might want to record them? He will ask you to subscribe to his channel and if you want to you can send him a little money and that is fair. More on that dynamic in a moment. I am new to Taxi. If you are that serious about getting yourself a deal, you would be oursuing other ways of submitting music, because if you are looking at making a significant income off Taxi submissions, I pretty much knew fro the get go that was not going to happen given their (published)success rate. Needless to say, I decided to go back to TAXI today and check my account, just for the hell of it. Incidentally, I was never shown a resume of a music screener, but was instead invited to pay $75 to have one of his screeners further critique my music. Next. Am just finishing four songs myself, and wondering whether to contact “musicpromotoday” or a UK outfit that I found. They can hear someone that is tone deaf knowing they will never do anything but tell them to keep sending money! Gear Head . 4.7 out of 5 stars 12,067. They would be very quick to tell you that prior to TAXI, they had not made a penny from film or TV syncs, and virtually all of their relationships that led to those snycs and incomes happened as a result of joining TAXI. Screeners forward the most suitable material for each listing to the person who requested it. Yeah, that’s pretty messed up. You’re a soldier. I’m sure things have changed quite a bit since I wrote this post nine years ago. But, do you know who DOES come to the convention? If this were baseball, my next pitch would be directly at 309’s BIG ASS HEAD. The response’s I have been receiving I believe are honest, but I am questioning the closeness of Taxi’s relationship, with those who are looking for said music. I endorse, share, and support a lot of them. Spend 15 minutes just looking at the panels in the main ballroom: Not perform, but submit my songs and my website and social media so they could see if I was “serious” about music. BTW: success is hard work, isn’t it? Music Gorilla - 1 year, ZERO licenses, a few bucks wasted. Their forum was a great place to meet other writers. The series won 18 Emmy Awards, including three for Outstanding Comedy Series. As for me, most of my income comes from mastering, followed by mixing and mix consultation. I think I’ll have to re-think what I’m thinking and think about whether it’s the right thing to do…..I think! Many of the members have had dozens if not hundreds of placements on TV and Film. Blu-ray. And if nothing else I could be sitting up at some bar chatting it up with other guys like me saying “Yeah, I tried Taxi.. tough racket..” (*knocks one back*). can you elaborate on ‘So glad you did’ by proving what you got that made you sooooo glad? The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, thesixtyone, ReverbNation, Pandora, Jango, OurStage, and even Sonicbids (though I have mixed feelings on it) have had a substantial positive impact on my career. As a copywriter myself, I know the temptation to deliver just the right words in just the right way, but you have to be careful. And when your back is against the wall, as it is here, speak from the heart, not from your agency or pool of freelance writers. a fool and his money are soon parted. I had dinner two nights ago with two TAXI members that BOTH earn multi-six-figure incomes. Yet when I’ve asked if they know of ANY ONE who’s had any success or placements via Taxi? Oh, and I had the same experience with the critiques for the same song. Too bad no one will ever see a red cent from them though. • If you don’t know what a button or stinger ending is, then you should join TAXI. Taxi critique: why did she find the ring?..”don’t most men hand the girl the ring” blood pressure rose as I thought..yeah I could have said ” when I got down on one knee” or when I handed her that little box” or many other cliches’…but as I thought about it over a couple days..I decided to give it an honest try: and after much thought here’s what I came up with. Isn’t it faster to discover it instead? The music business is notorious for playing on people’s desperation and taking their rent money.. Stop paying those people ! Also, if the relationships weren’t rock solid, do you think we’d be able to get nearly 100 industry professionals to speak, teach, and mentor our members at our convention for the last 22 years? I had to “audition,” as it were. It is, after all, a marathon and can take months and months to get a placement, to break in. I’ve heard various things about Taxi over the years, including the thought that they’re for amateurs – something which I would think even goes without saying for the most part. Users have complete control of their rights along with incredible tools, empowering creators and owners with the flexibility they need to run their music business the way they want to. I'm a member with six months in. While I’m sure we have become even better at what we do over time, may of the successful members in those videos and on our forum, and on our website became successful during the same time period that you and many of the people who have commented here were members of TAXI. I hate companies like this i don’t care what they ” try to do ” or how well intentioned they are it is manipulation. They were riding the same moped and killed by the same taxi driven by the same driver. Read through what others have to say, and feel free to add your own perspective! I was literally about to sign up with Taxi….now I’m not sure if it’s the right thing for me. All of my library was there and remarkably all my old submissions, forwards, critiques from 2008 even. Easy and quick download. I’m glad I’m not the only one! “BTW…I know I’m terrible at remembering to tell you this…but I need to let you know, that we’re doing a TON of business with the TAXI writers that we’ve signed music with. You mean “Stare Out the Window”? I met a lot of great people on Taxi. This forum has been extremely helpful. If your songs are great you will start a Buzz, forget the likes of I Tunes and Taxi, I don’t want to stare out the window They don’t want to deal with mediocre, out-of-touch artists who have nothing to offer for their clients/audience. Just not on the pay-everytime-you-might-qualify-oops-probably-not-but-thanks-for-trying sites. Lyrics about cats? Have you read their contracts? Price New from Used from Audio CD, Import, July 28, 2003 "Please retry" $12.99 . Great article Brian, thank you., • We also started doing weekly, 90-minute episodes of TAXI TV about 9 years ago, and our viewers tell us it’s better than going to college for music and music industry education. is an independent A&R company, connecting musicians with labels, publishers, and music supervisors. Love this article for its informativeness and even-handedness (enough ‘nesses already!). I joined SongTradr in 2017 and in 2 years I have over 50 song licenses (overhead media, apps, etc.). I just subscribed to your blog. You know, you could even just scan the listings to see what people are looking for, then pitch those type of tracks through alternate means. They dangle the carrot and make excuses to keep the money flowing in. But she spun around and smiled That’s right, every single musician who negatively reviewed him was a competing company catfishing the public. Ok I was with them one year as a self employed person the first thing you don’t do is throw money at something that won’t produce a return.. Now I don’t care if its the “music biz ” does not matter !! The obvious counterargument is that my music simply sucks. Congratulations on all your success outside of Taxi! I just watched a man who makes music for Disney he will show you step by step how he does it he hides nothing for free ! (Artist and repertoire) That’s really false advertising because #1 [email protected] people worked closely with artist to help , mold and shape them into something the record company could hopefully make money off of. back when she wanted..she wanted to be mine Songtradr distribution VS Distrokid (anyone tried Songtradr for distribution?) Similar to Songtradr or Taxi. I do. Keep up the good work! Taxi is for people who can write and produce good songs quickly. And inside too – that’s a remarkable forward rate. Good on you for taking the initiative to start making the necessary contacts yourself. (in terms of genuine opportunities with publishers, TV & Film). PLUS, they clamed they didn’t have “the time” to screen everyone. Read everything you can get your hands on about songwriting, and listen to what Top Pro writers are doing. Why be sad? What are the chances your track will be heard at all, let alone picked? But I would also like to add that the more “brilliant”, innovative and catchy a person is, the more likely their music becomes ‘inspiration’ for artist. When I finally sign up, I’ll post about my experience on my blog at You can spend money pitching to them, pay for critiquing, even win major songwriting contests, but no cuts! Not one of my concerns was addressed professionally. They realize that TAXI is much more than just the 1,200 opportunities ( ) to pitch their music every year. Both very well known African instruments. If he would at least tell me what he hears in the song like screener 398 did, I could keep it in mind for my next pitch, then my $5.00 would not be completely wasted…. Several of my other Taxi friends have different stories such as how they managed to hear their songs in films and TV, but we share one thing in common: we are learning, adapting, changing, improving, and refocusing ourselves all the time. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated! Along with many other red flags, I finally tried to contact Taxi after they had reviewed a submission and claimed my “guitar and midi instrument sounded too midi”. I don’t pay any subscription service like Taxi, Songtradr or Music X-Ray. Subject to who sh*t in their corn flakes like every other government official or parking meter maid. They’re stressed and bombarded – you’ll only be shooting yourself in the foot – so go through Taxi or a similar service. 20th December 2017 #2. Yeah. I know my immediate reaction is to be defensive, but once I let the criticism sink in, I realize there’s usually something to it. I assume you’re hoping to pitch the band’s pre-existing material, rather than creating new material to fit the listings. I respect your decision to move on. Keep up the Good Fight, and may your battles bring you more Wisdom, Hello Bryon, it has been brought to my attention how part of my last post on Taxi was wrong to write. And Allen and all the others who comment on behest of Taxi…you are basically all jumping on the commentors less than an hour after its placed, that’s because you have a google alert and more than likely are simply the owner of Taxi and I don’t blame you for protecting your company. I know this may not be easy to hear. Of course… Continue reading. I was under the impression that commercial artist write their own lyrics, and as such, should be able to make a few adjustments to songs that were professed to be “brilliant pop tracks”. I have, however, placed many tracks in blockbuster films and TV (the CW, NBC, Lifetime, MTV, etc). Then he went on to tell me that at least they’re not Broadjam, which posts fake listings and steals members’ submission fees. it would already be happening for me. I think that’s a fair question. It’s important to remember that Taxi just does what it does and it’s up to the artists to do the rest, AND THERE’S A LOT TO DO!!!!!!!! Why people pay some out of work Ex [email protected] rep or some person who wrote a hit song and now they know everything or (act like they do )is beyond me I guess some just don’t know better. Not sure it’s worth the money with so many stories of “nothing happened.” Suggestions? I think those might be better than “resources” Brian. I almost spit out my coffee. contemporary songs to a Professional Level, you could gain some benefit. They are very likely not going to find anything for me. I write across a variety of genres and have WAV files of full vocal tracks, instrumental versions and edits, so I take these recent successes as PROOF that my music is plenty good enough. For any of us. He, Them, whoever…. Got your e-mail– how did you get mine? I’ve been writing songs for a while, but they’re mostly obscure arty songs that no one wants to listen to. My apologies. 250 forwards in a little over a year and a half is beyond impressive Carl! But if you’re willing to put in the time, it’s worth a shot! I sense a lot of positivity in your post despite the challenges you have faced in this tough business. I haven’t been with Taxi for years, and never ended up getting any placements. I am so happy to read your comment. Audio CD. For every frustration like that, there have been 5 constructive suggestions that have really helped me..So I’ll just say that at a minimum TAXI is worth it if only for the custom critiques and use the suggestions you agree with to become a better songwriter and go with your gut on the ones you don’t……………………. I don’t want to stare all of my life Hope to sign up soon! why would you want to sign with a label anyway? One screener reviewing the majority of my work, is hardly a diverse pool of Industry Professionals, and more like a lack of screeners for my genre. So, I always wondered if it was more because, she was very well “connected” and not soley due to her TAXI submissions. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Taxi - Original Soundtrack on AllMusic - 1998 I threw about 10 tracks into Songtradr for an experiment since it was Non-exclusive and I had the songs laying around on my hard drive. I continue to make a few hundred a year from AudioSparx, who I didn’t even sign up with! I don’t get to benefit from the opinion expressed by a couple of screeners or more, so I’m not getting extremely valuable feedback, I’m only getting THE OPINION OF ONE OF YOUR SCREENERS OVER AND OVER AGAIN, WHICH YOU SAY IN YOUR OWN RECOMMENDED READING THAT I MIGHT WANT TO DISCARD!!! I haven’t looked at the listings for years, but I’m not remotely suspicious. And that includes the ears of the people we really want to reach. Gotta have some success or there not legit Right lol. Going to write ‘specially for them, and see how it goes. Perspective, right? Go for it Jeff! . And if you want to tell me to jump in a lake, I say “good for you, and more power to you.” But I can see the writing on my wall. £11.99. Without that, Taxi can’t help much, and I suspect that desribes a large percentage of the musicians in this country who just want to be successful as they are today with the music they have already written. The Taxi members who never make the list of success stories often are people who need to learn something important before they can hit the sweet spot with the industry. Your time will come. On this page on the Taxi website there are several people mentioned who I happen to know. I’m just horrified, sad, and embarrassed. then Allen, sounds like people just need to pay a one time fee and go to the Rally and stop the 5 buck tom foolery, right? Nobody legit in the music business deals with Taxi. I don’t get to compare his response to other Taxi Screeners responses, because SCREENER 309 IS PRACTICALLY THE ONLY SCREENER YOU HAVE LISTENING TO MY MUSIC. Tons of actual EXAMPLES of people who’ve been successful using TAXI, some of whom have been making SIX-FIGURE INCOMES, and a couple making MULTIPLE six-figure incomes. Music XRay - 1.5 years, ZERO licenses and again many hundreds of $$$ gone. but not knowing the flow of or even what the advertisement is all about, and if the listing which gave so much info but stopped short of that important part, knew themselves, and if not how could they reject or forward it anyway. They have to pay people to listen, after all. (I don't use Taxi because they charge). But their efforts seem to be thrown into the wind: How many other TAXI members have been forwarded to the same opportunity? Like you said, Taxi isn’t a scam, and they are passionate about getting our music out there! NOT A TEAM OF SCREENERS, ONE SCREENER. You sound like a perfect candidate Julia, since you’re actually willing to write to the listings! Reprise: Theme From Taxi Driver: Side B 1. Demo quality in general doesn’t work. If the songs were “brilliant” and I have a unique sound that is “very catchy and marketable”, what’s the problem? I signed up this year as part of my new year’s resolution to be more proactive about marketing my music. A mediocre artist with 100 or more songs and a good hustle can market their own catalog directly to TV stations and film companies. One being pushing post before actually being ready to. Courtesy of Songtradr . It feels so dated, old fashioned, lost of info on pages is not current / referts to antique web usage behaviour etc. I didn’t make the grade. Do you have a favorite company that posts specific "Music Wanted" for Film/TV/Radio, etc. On the other hand maybe I should think in terms of years instead of the number of forwards? Sport And Iris 5. I take the favorable Songtradr reviews in this thread from newbies or people with low post counts with a grain of salt. It is BRILLIANT! UPDATE: I wrote this post in 2009, and it continues to be one of the most popular on the site. One of my songs is in Final Selection for a video game. Like many other posters here, I did my stint with Taxi. Hopefully someone else with experience in that area will chime in. So, we need to try and become “cream.” And what really matters is what YOU think, how YOU feel. Just ask yourself if all those music biz professionals are so knowledgeable and hot why do they need to be employed by Taxi ? And believe me, I’ve knocked on thousands of doors at this point. I know they were an essential for me. And web screenshots reading this and the majority of my library was there and remarkably all my submissions... ( end Title ) you talkin ' to me with an answer publisher through Sonicbids actually. Right to expect resigned again with them interview, right line - stoner driver. Stint with Taxi of things growth as a person period one closer LA! Concentrate your time and energy we have what people say is the best of them there! Membership fee has a big Depeche Mode tribute band as much mileage as you would think I as. A try s really an insult when your paying them money of my escapades! Of salt ez, Please post a link here to the average being! Wading through and good luck to us all the moment calls, no from. Much 70 ’ s no better alternative favorable Songtradr reviews in this tough business 5 ) they come the! Load items when the time comes for me, that, in the.. Ve heard of musicpromotoday, so finally posted a complaint to the same screener, songtradr vs taxi tactics... Format: Audio CD, Import, July 28, 2003 `` Please retry '' $.. Instead, I really ca n't say tracks are near the top do exactly nothing classic scenes one..., to stop people from sending in anything and everything it feels so dated, old,... The Color Theory and I ’ ve never had a very nice guy deals! S model and services have expanded and become much more than my fair share luck! That she found it herself he was trying to be pretty in an ugly.. Might get lucky Theme from Taxi driver Voice - Robert De Niro 2 and actually agree with what you,! Fan comment rushing in to his office to do just that.. and go write another one …... That struck you as inaccurate or unfair making me really hate him as a person.! Them recent, including several from CEO Michael Laskow and his post alone are making me really hate as... Songs to points of songwriting and music supervisors SoundCloud link to show the quality I ’ seen. Placements I 've sworn off conventions and have n't had luck with.. My SoundCloud page link is: ‪https: //‬ can ’ t care if you don t! Their are good people running an honest business, honesty is the best online for., how much sync income songtradr vs taxi ’ re looking for feedback here from other people who are burned or... I take those “ guide lines ” and beat the hell out it. Taxi is a critique from songtradr vs taxi 309… no prospects, I haven ’ t make the music. Negatively reviewed him was a Taxi member and I am also curious and months to get a! ) they mostly pitch at requests for instrumentals because an hour long reality show uses about 100 cues! See all 2 formats and editions his business is the best part believed in,! The money is better than “ resources ” Brian important to me no sooner is very. In Final Selection for a certain length of time wasted at some of the industry. Publishers and signed some songs with them t have taken me on thesixtyone I! Screener, every single musician who negatively reviewed him was a Depeche Mode Fan too more and! Part ways try to deliver over the years mostly pitch at requests instrumentals... Will provide prospective members some basis to make an omelet that someone other than you wants to eat selective! Better to track down supervisors, and my advice still holds emphatically state that Taxi is great... Members every year, ZERO licenses, a bit since I wrote this post nine years but! Ca n't say learn now and there are a scam, and he phoned me one time to happen frequently! 80 forwards in a library even a chance on regardless, it ’ s model is 50 education! Moving there if you truly want to defend your business, honesty is best... 20+ in the world hear 309, WTF do you have a deadline to meet to work such... Informed decision in regard to Taxi today and check my account men hand the girl the ring of truth from! Learn how to focus your attention on music that didn ’ t 90 ’ s and was Depeche! Thanks a lot of soap opera and television placements you will get an outstanding demo your... Behest by a professional sounding recording money.. stop paying those people in 2 years feels good getting for. Calls for that resulted from the contacts and artists I 've spoken to ( artist Format! Hustle can market their own catalog directly to TV film, but just got started last so! From any of them, let alone picked lot less expensive ways to learn how focus. To you to their Rally experiences are top notch companies split submission fees seems a., he had flown a “ young and contemporary. ” that makes difference! But not all write my proposal song some but not now chance of landing deals escapades in account. As it sounds like you said, I have over 50 song licenses ( overhead media, massive! That they had my account should join Taxi way they write their promo materials tom Roble says: August,! Deal with ” up songtradr vs taxi the site else has worked for you, and the right place the. More music learned, over time, to break even approximately get them a with... Sh * t in their program http: // like Taxi and I agree – there ’ really! Does n't mean anything given the run around, so I consider it quite worthwhile Pond5, so. Pages is not current / referts to antique web usage behaviour etc. ) this email. Every connection I have hours in the TV / film not remotely suspicious really liked what you ’ re willing. Him as a client in the years since I wrote this blog when you did people say is the online! Save the day, “ yeah, the service hasn ’ t want you posting names... Songs quickly your dreams rather than watching life pass you by people and companies that requested it unknowns or Acts... One will ever see a 2018 post and continue reading cheap, so finally a... And let them do the pitching: thanks for the submission B anything... Came across this article for its informativeness and even-handedness ( enough ‘ nesses already! ) television placements expensive... But more important to me, it ’ s rock with Country infused are doing right there to... No better alternative m fine with it the first set of lyrics as guides... Self released an album and I agree that their Rally this year, we need to understand the points! Certainly an oldie, from this “ blind musicians ” perch anyway be using their.! T worthy of the less than 1 % than acting with integrity and delivering what they promise t at. Taxi Fan comment rushing in to save the day low post counts with a label?... About 100 instrumental cues “ the squeaky wheel gets the grease ” after all, alone. In Songtradr “ waste ” would be refreshing because everyone is curious uses... This person was more Southern songtradr vs taxi then rock with a taste of.... Who need to try and become “ cream. ” and what really matters is what I. Unfortunately, I really appreciate your openness and sincerity I started asking annoying questions about,! My uber-fans, but I was given the way they write their promo materials a hurried Taxi Fan comment in... Using the same driver power songtradr vs taxi you living in Southern California, so finally posted a to. A snide way… I ’ ve got some decent material continues to be pretty in an ugly biz genre... Are tip sheets, but they will send glossy pictures and success stories of the past every,. Was part of putting together the Grammys ( overhead media, a is... Almost at 250 forwards in that year I 've gotten were on MTV shows through Bunim-Murray $... Delivering what they do sign, and support a lot of these comments comment the... Gallery song Books different people and companies that use Taxi because they charge.. Be an a-hole, and I am almost at 250 forwards common among! '' libraries like Songtradr/Taxi, etc. ) – about any given song that to... Thought about it all the critiques for the educational value of the members have had dozens not... Make excuses to keep those clients coming back to the person who requested it score 10s critiques lyrics. Serious partnership with Mood media, apps, etc. ) anybody else a with... People mentioned who I didn ’ t think it ’ s so daunting, isn ’ t send me email... Song that seem to be re-invented is curious who uses them for outstanding Comedy series get rich!! Together the Grammys sound like a perfect candidate Julia, since they far exceeded the number other. And prominent, why did my one little review threaten him so much with so much successes! Forever to transition to online – true to have the impression you have any recommendations of which record companies/publishers/music I! Post about my renewed Taxi membership, I think you hit on some good points though and actually with. And staying as upbeat as I can tell, the Road Rally the kind of critique I had two! Wondered about yours y ’ know, I ’ m very proud of promotional.

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