Out of Time – the feature


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Chris Allman is the subject of a medical trial with the mysterious company SOSUMI, who volunteers to have a chip placed into his head.

When his girlfriend Sara is killed in front of him, Chris accidentally travels backward in time and realizes he may have the key to saving Sara’s life.

Working against him is Dr. Osborn and his cronies who always seems to be one step ahead of Chris and will stop at nothing from stopping Chris’ quest to save Sara.



Steve Kasan … Chris

April Miranda … Kari

Katie MacTavish … Samantha

Elitsa Bako … Carmen

Robert Nolan … Dr Osborn

Keren Burkett … Autumn Rain

Melinda Michael … Summer Rain

Catalina Yue … Angie

Megan Poole … Angie #2

James Dalzell … Phil

Dulce Felix … Dr Sheppard

Herschell Andoh … Detective

Paul Nicholls … Detective


Director: Rodney V. Smith

Producers: Michael Evask, Steve Kasan, Rodney V. Smith

Executive Producer: Dulce Felix, Steve Kasan

Writers: Rodney V. Smith, Erin Gould & Jamil Agard

Director of Photography & Editor: Rodney V. Smith

Second Unit Director: Jonathan Robbins

Second Unit Director: Mike Donis

Second Unit Director: Scott Albert

Gaffer: Jamil Agard

Music by: Rob Sbar, Catalina Yue

Sound Mix by: Michael William


Michael Evask michael@flyinmonkey.com