The High Cost of Dying


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Based on the character “Beatrice” from the novel, SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE.

Beatrice emerges back into the world after an absence of ten years and stumbles through strange interactions in a world that is alien to her. On a mission to preserve what is left of her sanity, she attempts to visit old friends who are now all gone, but that brings her to the attention of two dangerous men… who may want to kill her.  The answer to her insanity may be her only last resort.


Sara Cecile … Beatrice

Steve Kasan … Mr. Bryce

Peter Hodgins … Café Patron #1

Nicole Rosas … Busker / Café Patron

Nikki Barran … Clarice

Anais Rozencwajg … Tamara

Jennifer Hardy CK … Woman at Table

Barbara Fitchette … Woman at Counter

Charlie Chapparos … Park Thug #1

Simon Fletcher Li … Mr. Flynn

Joe Cheng … Man in Black

Amanda Heppner … Body Double


Director: Rodney V. Smith

Producers: Michael Evask

Writers: Rodney V. Smith, Nikki Barran & Jamil Agard

Director of Photography & Editor: Rodney V. Smith

First Assistant Director: Ryan Singh

Second Unit Camera Operator: Renjie

Music by: Rob Sbar, Nicole Rosas, Catalina Yue

Sound Mix by: Michael William

Equipment by: Ontario Camera Rentals